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Classic movies are my life, Hugh Laurie is my English Muffin, Broadway is my dream, singing is my heart, acting is my passion, writting is what I do. <3 The nails are always painted, I dress real fancy to school and basicly everywhere I go, high heels are classy, high waisted skirts are my favorite, poofy blouses make me smile. Jasmine tea is what I drink, pour me a glass and I'll love you forever. Bogie is my phone, Baby is my iPod, remember to call them by their names and I'll be very, very impressed.I wish I was witty, I memorize movie quotes and casually through them into a conversation so watch out for them. ;p I'm a rational, looking at all sides of a problem. Bloopers/Gag Reels are amazing, abortion is disgusting, getting involved is what I support. I'm obssive;get over it. I'd love to enable David Duchovny's addiction, I want Barbra Streisand's voice, and Lisa Edelstein's eyes. I love Addison Montgomery's bitch ass outfits, and I'd love to raid Lisa Cuddy's closet. Meryl Streep is the end of all actresses, Pat Conroy is the most romantic writter of all time, George Gershwin is a genious on the piano. Icons make me squee, LiveJournal is where you'll find me, Chicago is my home. I love perfume, mostly Jennifer Lopez's scents, but I adore Chanel and Ralph Lauren. My idiot brother used up half of my bottle of Chanel. >:[ He still owes me another one. Earings are my favorite accesorie, I love big bracelets and chunky necklaces. But not together. lol. Afghanistan is where my family is from, Barack Obama is who I support. I like make up, but I'm horrible at applying it. I try my best to do my make up like Bette Davis did in the 30's. I'm getting better at it, but It's still not right. When I'm not in heels, I like to throw my Vans on to edge up my look but my mom through them away. :[ I'm not a big risk taker, but I'll take them if they're neccassary. I hate texting but I do it none stop anyway. Don't be afriad to text me, either. I'm a chatter box, so I love to talk, but I'm afriad I'll bore you to tears. HAHAH. I want to start a big band and be like Betty Hutton when she was 17. That'd be the greatest. <3 I doodle when I'm bored, I'm always texting in class but never get caught, boys bore me, but I love to look at them.
"TrustNo1" because "Everybody Lies"
Films:Sophie's Choice, The Prince of Tides, The Bridges of Madison County, The Devil Wears Prada, El Cantante, Harvey, To Have and Have Not, All About Eve, Now Voyager, The Philedalphia Story, Woman of the Year, Last Chance Harvey, Mamma Mia!, Out of Africa, The Way We Were.
TV:House, The X-Files, The Nanny, Californication
Music:Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Jennifer Lopez, Barbra Streisand, Beyonce Knowles, Betty Hutton, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Dean Martin, Marc Anthony, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Lena Horne, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, Sammy Davis Jr., Sugarland, Reba, Lil Wayne, Tupac, Robin Thicke, Michael Buble, Solange.
Ships:House/Cuddy, Mulder/Scully, Doggett/Reyes, Fran/Maxwell, Hank/Karen
Books:To Kill a Mockingbird, Now Voyager, Sophie's Choice, The Prince of Tides, The Broker, The Street Lawyer, The Hours, Cancer Shmancer, Get Happy, ME, An Affair to Remember.
The word, "hate" Strongly dislikes Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Lana Turner films. D: Abortion, Close-mindedness, ignorace, rude people(Unless your name is Gregory House. Then it's ok.)
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30 rock, a star is born, acting, alfred hithcock, alice ripley, all about eve, alyson hannigan, amber benson, angel, annabeth gish, autumn, barbra streisand, bette davis, bette midler, betty hutton, beyonce, big belts, bogie, bogie and bacall, bones, books, bridges of madison county, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, californication, cary grant, catherine tate, chicago, chris carter, classic films, classic moives, classics, concerts, cruel intentions, cuddy, dana scully, david boreanaz, david duchovny, dean martin, directing, doctor who, donna noble, doris day, england, fall, family, film, fox mulder, gregory house, gutairs, hair products, high waisted skirts, himym, history, house, house md, house/cuddy, how-i-met-your-mother, huddy, hugh laurie, humphrey bogart, ipods, j.lo, jack lemmon, james wilson, janelle monae, janet jackson, jennifer lopez, jimmy stewart, john doggett, judy garland, june allyson, katharine hepburn, lady gaga, lauren bacall, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, liza minnelli, london, magazines, makeup, mamie gummer, marc anthony, mel torme, meryl streep, michael jackson, miracle of morgan's creek, monica reyes, movie quotes, movies, mulder it's me, music, musicals, new york, new york in june, next to normal, no doubt, now voyager, of montreal, old movies, old words, peter lawford, pianos, pictures, postcards from the edge, reading, reba, records, robin thicke, rock hudson, sammy davis jr, sarah michelle gellar, shows, singing, solange knowles, songs, the devil wears prada, the doctor, the hollywood 10, the hours, the nanny, the river wild, the x-files, theatre, tony bennett, tony randall, vincent minnelli, vintage, walter skinner, wilson, winter, x-files, xfiles